Issues handled / Achievements by MTNLOA

             MTNL    Officers’ Association

Suggestions for Revenue Generation, various issues tackled and Major Achievements of MTNLOA

Issues of Executives

MTNLOA held series of meetings with GM HR, CMD, Dir HR, Dir Tech, Dir Finance, ED WS at New Delhi during Oct 2009, Jan 2010, Aug 2010, Feb 2011, Aug 2011, Nov 2011, Sept 2012 & Feb 2013 for resolving various issues of Executives at Corporate Office, New Delhi


Consistent persuasion for the regularization of executives in the cadres of SDE / DE / DGM


Consistent follow-up by MTNLOA with the Corporate office for the regularization of executives (left out cases) and  resolved successfully.


MTNLOA continuously pursued with the Corporate management and succeeded in getting the orders issued for the regularization of executives in the cadre of SDE (DM) for JTOs of the recruitment year 1993, 1994, & 1995 for both Mumbai & Delhi unit.


Request transfer of executives – critical cases in favor of executives


Rotational transfer – timely implementation in favor of executives


Issue of inter unit transfer of executives


Rotational transfer in Trans unit


Bench mark issue – MTNLOA reacted immediately and compelled the management by holding series of meetings at Corporate level and succeeded in getting the bench-mark issue reviewed. 


MTNLOA successfully handled the issue of restructuring of executives in EN / Trans / GSM / IT unit.


MTNLOA successfully resolved the issue of condonation period for JTOs of batch no. 76 & 77.


MTNLOA successfully resolved the issue of JTOs of Recruitment year 1999, however at present the matter is under judicial consideration


Issues related with E3 & E5 exams

Members of MTNLOA helped the candidates appearing for E5 exam by visiting and coordinating at facilitation center, Colaba.


Age relaxation up to 55 years of age for the departmental candidates appearing for E5 exam


BE Mech candidates made eligible for departmental candidates appearing for E5 exams


MTNLOA conducted two sessions of classes for about 3-4 months for the candidates appearing for E3 exam and also conducted two practice exams for the candidates appearing for E3 exam.


MTNLOA made available the study material by way of hard copies and on-line docs for the candidates appearing for E3 exam.


Postponement of date for submission of E3 exam forms.


Candidates appearing for E3 exam requested that there should be liberty to select any subject in paper II – while actually writing the exam and not be compelled to select the subject while submitting the form. MTNLOA made it possible by persuasion and convincing the Corporate management to consider the issue in favor of the candidates.


Continuous persuasion for advertisement of JTO exams for outside candidates in local newspapers in favor of local candidates in Mumbai & Maharashtra


Issues related with BMC

 MTNLOA had most important meeting with Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Mr Subodh Kumar on 27.01.2011 for highlighting the constraints of MTNL Mumbai in getting the permission of trench during cable faults.


MTNLOA also very prominently and actively coordinated with BMC to recover crores of rupees lying with BMC as security deposit.


MTNLOA pursued the issue of reduction in reinstatement charges in HDD type trench.


Technical issues

MTNLOA played major in setting up of MTNL Data center at Worli & Belapur by coordinating with IIT Powai.


MTNLOA successfully coordinated for participation of MTNL Mumbai and its executives in International conference ‘Advance Network Telecommunication Systems 2008, 2009 & 2011 at IIT Powai


Migration of Internet leased circuits to MPLS network


MTNLOA pursued with local management for stopping outsourcing in BB unit. In response to the same management, gradually reduced the outsourcing.


Misuse of Broadband ---MTNLOA is proud to claim the credit of suggesting technical solution to overcome this problem.


Implementation of management and monitoring system for ADSL in SOTL got done successfully in a short span of time.


MTNLOA appealed management for making detailed BB training compulsory to all external staff and call centers staff.


Office bearers of MTNLOA actively conducted BB training to the line staff.


MTNLOA took up the issue of shortage of material / stores for field units.


MTNLOA successfully resolved the issue of Air conditioning plants those were not handed over to the concerned units for mtce.                                                                         


MTNLOA coordinated for resolving the issue of many non-feasible areas e.g. Somani gram, Oshiwara, Goregaon & at Mira road.


Issues of ‘Q/A policy’ adopted by MTNL. It has been suggested by MTNLOA to have own set which not only stops the outgo but also can be utilized for generating revenue.


MTNLOA pursued for early deployment and implementation of FTTH as access technology to scale broadband and other related services.


MTNLOA pursued to abolish the contract of second line mtce and AMC of exchanges to save revenue.


MTNLOA pursued to commission nodes in eastern / western regions for 3G services to enhance the coverage.


MTNLOA pursued for issue of back up for ISDN for leased circuits.


MTNLOA pursued for the integration of MPLS network in Mumbai & Delhi units.


Issues related with revenue generation

Various suggestions / ideas for revenue generation


Issue of sharing of 3G / BWA stream


Proposal of MTNL Cyber café for revenue generation


Proposal of permission for Bank’s ATMs throughout the stretch of MTNL Mumbai


Proposal for renting out the premises of MTNL Mumbai to banks / other firms


Solar panels in all possible premises of MTNL Mumbai and conversion of electrical power input from Reliance to TATA for saving huge revenue.


MTNLOA pursued for survey and immediate acquisition of encroached properties of MTNL Mumbai.


MTNLOA insisted for renting out the vacant space in MTNL Mumbai premises for marriages / functions


Other misc and important issues

HBA ceiling for purchase of immovable property enhanced.


Amendment in the leave rules in case of child adoption.


Celebration of Marathi Bhasha Din by MTNLOA


MTNLOA played a vital role in getting the 30% fitment benefit to all the executives and subsequently achieved the demand of payment of salary with new fitment for the month of May 2010.


MTNLOA along with Kamgar Sangh under the leadership of Shri Arvind Sawant played vital role in getting resolved the very important issue of MTNL Pension by Govt.


MTNLOA’s active participation and vital role in the activities of Executive Forum has always been acknowledged in high notes.